One of our main activities is in the field of modern agriculture. We help train the youth on modern farming practices. In this context, we have developed two different approaches;

Our unique farming techniques combine elements of the traditional bio-organic agriculture and modern indoor or urban farming. Being aware that the global food system is currently faced with challenges that are social, economic and ecological in nature, our goal is to offer alternative solutions to the problems in agriculture

Conventional agriculture has failed to produce sufficient food for all because of unsuitable, often outdated farming methods, and calamities such as drought caused by global warming. Food insufficiency has also been made worse by the rapid population growth that has increased demand. Millions now face the risk of starvation, especially in developing countries.



Recycling We collected discarded plastics from local restaurants and hotels and use them to grow seedlings.

Our De-Fa model, we believe, can be a good intervention, as it offers the knowledge and skills to individuals, families and communities on how to be self-sufficient in their food needs. The Farming 4.0 techniques that we have developed and teach can help small farmers to achieve significantly better yields and result in diversity and safety in the food chain. Farming 4.0 can be used worldwide, even in arid and semi-arid regions.

In addition, we are of the view that urban and peri-urban agriculture can play an important role in fighting food insecurity. Our decentralized farming methods are intended to be used in the urban and peri-urban areas, thereby not only reducing food unavailability but also poverty. Households involved in the farming can generate income by selling their produce or the surplus of what they consume.

organic farming

Organic Farming

At the Hasiera farm we grow organic food by using organic compost and natural pesticides like neem to control pests.


Organic Compost

Through Vermiculture we make organic compost which we use at our farm and plan to sell in future to other farmers.

More than anything, we want people to succeed,
professionally and personally.
Heino Dahmen, founder & Mentor
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