One of our main fields of activity is the modern agriculture. Through our organization we help educate the youth on modern farming practices. In this context we developed Farming 4.0 and De-Fa, which stands for Decentralized Farming.

Our special form of agriculture combines factors and techniques of traditional bio-organic agriculture and modern indoor or urban farming. The global food system is currently in a deep crisis which includes, ecological, economic and social dimensions. The conventional agriculture is reaching its limits and there is insufficient distribution and availability of food. Due to rapid population growth and increasing food demand, increases the risk of hunger and food insecurity.

We truly believe that the De-Fa movement is a necessary measure for countries to feed themselves and create food security. The Farming 4.0 techniques that we teach and develop help small farmers to achieve significantly better yields and bring diversity and Safety back in the food chain and can be used worldwide. Urban and peri-urban agriculture offers a variety of ways to effectively fight against hunger. Our decentralized farming concept contributes to food availability and reduces poverty by generating income for households which are involved in the production, processing and sales process.



Recycling We collected discarded plastics from local restaurants and hotels and use them to grow seedlings.

organic farming

Organic Farming

At the Hasiera farm we grow organic food by using organic compost and natural pesticides like neem to control pests.


Organic Compost

Through Vermiculture we make organic compost which we use at our farm and plan to sell in future to other farmers.

More than anything, we want people to succeed,
professionally and personally.
Heino Dahmen, founder & Mentor
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