farming 4.0

Here at fundi Kipusa We educate farmers on modern farming methods. We encourage small scale farmers who own no land to start small kitchen gardens near their houses and also we provide farming tools and seeds to enable them to start the farms.


we also provide containers where families who want to earn a living through farming can use the containers as farms ie. container farming.the can add fertile soil into the containers and plant their crops and they will grow. The container is designed in way to minimize water wastage and the water used for farming is collected and recycled . The containers which we call ipot are very good for faring as the minimize the space used in farming hence can be used in any household and they also use less water which enable the farmers to conserve water. They are made from recycled plastic hence good for the environment. We provide the farmers who join our farming program with two ipots which they use to grow gropes like kales and spinach which they can sell to earn a living or provide healthy food for their families. We also encourage the farmers to use organic farm inputs to enable them to grow quality heath foods.

Thanks to our founder and ceo Heino we also enable the farmers to use modern technology in their small farms. We provide thm with tailor made solution so that they can monitor their farms. We have designed and developed an app that collect data from their farms by using by using a kit consisting of a raspberry-pie computer and some sensors thus enabling them to monitor the conditions in their farms and make the necessary changes.