Education is Key

Our education program has helped more than 1000 needy students access high school and university education by paying for their school fees and providing equipment needed in their studies.THough our scholarship program we have helped children from poor backgrounds access a better education

education why?

Through our education program we have enabled students to get good education and pursue the dreams and achieve them.

Since its inception in 2006 our eduction program has helped put more needy students in university which inturn has helped lift families out of poverty as the students return back to the community and help make it better by creating jobs and also givin other kids the opportunity to learn by sponsoring their education.

We also have a holiday program where we teach the students in our scholarship program modern education programs like programing, web development and content creation.

our impact

reading 200

students sponsored to school up to date

graduate 5

graduates from university in 2019

books 100

Learning materials provided

our approach

community outreach

We hold community outreach programs were we educate the communities on the benefits of educating their children. Though the community leaders will identify the most need children and sponsor their education.