farming for the community

Through our Agriculture program, fundi Kipusa has taught vulnerable farmers and families modern farming skills, equip them with tools and seeds to produce life-sustaining crops. This has led to revenue generation for farmers in the region and it has also the feeding of children in our feed a child program

Agriculture why?

Through agriculture we enable farmers to increase food security of their communities and families while also enabling them to earn a living from it . This inturn lifts most of the families out of poverty

We piloted our agriculture program in mtwapa where we taught farmers about modern farming practices and enabled them to maximize the land hey wre using to grow food. We have also taught community members who don't own land how to grow food in kitchen gardens and containers and this inturn has enabled them to provide food for their families.

We have partnered with community leaders and schools around the area and educated them on how to start and maintain small gardens and also on container farming.

our impact



participants trained up to date



new participants in 2019



agricultural kits delivered


group training sessions held in 2019


counties in which we train farmers

our approach


WE collect data which we asses to determine the best approach to take in improving food security for the local communities


We hold community outreach programs and farming workshops where we educate farmers on modern farming practices and technologies to use to improve their farming and get better yields


Through this program we enable farmers to implement modern farming techniques in their farm and also use modern technology.